As we have done in years past, West Coast Challengers club members drove in from Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County and as far away as the Kings County area for a day trip out of town to Bakersfield to attend the American Car, Truck and & Bike Show (formerly the All American Powered Car Show) hosted by the Mopars of Bakersfield car club.

Leaving at dawn for one of several meeting locations set-up by the club for the caravan to Bakersfield, the weather for the day was forecast yo be in the mid-70’s, which has been a contrast to the usual 80-90 degree temperature we have usually experienced for this car show.

Having participated in hundreds of car show over the years, this car show is by far one of the better car shows out there. Honest voting by the participants and by the hosting club for the specialty trophies, plus the hosting club’s cars are ineligible for awards. That might seem like a small thing, but in today’s car show scene, hosting clubs often vote for their friends and participant voting shows are often compromised by clubs trading their votes with each other, i.e., you vote for us and we’ll vote for you. The American Car, Truck and & Bike Show miraculously is void of that. In addition, the hosting club’s members give you a heartfelt and sincere “Thank you for coming” upon arrival, all through the day, and when exiting the show.

Once inside of the car show, we began to clean off the bugs from the road trip and wipe down our cars. West Coast Challengers club members then set off to view all of the cars in the show and chat with fellow car enthusiasts.

Before we knew it, lunchtime was upon us so we all gathered in Crest Bar & Grill restaurant to eat, relax and enjoy each others company for a bit. After lunch, we headed out to check our raffle tickets only to find that both Kathy and Steve had won prizes in the raffle.

The afternoon came upon quickly, and soon it was time for the awards presentations. As club members gathered around, they soon came to the New Challenger category and Kathy’s name was called, and she excitedly went up to accept her award. Soon after, in the Modern Mopar category, Steve’s name was called, and he went up to accept his award. Upon return to our group with a big smile smile on his face, he said, “I haven’t even made the first car payment yet.” He just bought a new Challenger Hellcat a couple of weeks ago and this was the car’s first car show.

In the end, Kathy and Steve came away with both raffles prizes and trophies making for a great event that they most certainly enjoyed but so did the rest of club members who attended. All commented on what a great show this was which prompted our club president to contact the hosing club, Mopars of Bakersfield, and pass along the kudos from our club members directly.

Club members are already looking forward to next year’s car show.

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After a long and successful running of our very popular “Come Mod Your Car Day” events, West Coast Challengers decided to add a new dimension to the event — a “Come Clean Your Car Day” where club members were invited to come out and wash and wax their Dodge Challengers, perform light modifications, help others, have lunch, and just hang out and chat with fellow club members. Club members were encouraged to bring their cars dirty and leave with them sparkling clean.

As with similar club functions, the “Come Clean Your Car Day” event is set in a revolving location to bring it close to everyone at one time or another so that one person isn’t always having to drive great distances to attend a club event. This first installment of the “Come Clean Your Car Day” was set to take place in Huntington Beach, California. The owners of the wildly popular Deli-Licious Deli agreed to open their business up to club members for the day.

Club members began showing up early just as an unseasonably and rare early morning wind storm began to blow through. Club hats were being blown off of the heads of club members and then being chased after as the hats quickly rolled away and down the driveway, everyone trying to foot stomp the hats as they blew by. It was pretty funny to watch, unless it happened to be your hat and you were doing the chasing of course. :) We were situated behind the business in a wide alley between several commercial buildings which acted as a corridor to amplify the winds causing harsh 30-35 mph wind gusts and dust devils behind the business. We all relocated to the front of the business and decided to have brunch together while waiting for the others to show and the winds to die down a bit.

Club member Steve showed up with his Edlebrock supercharger equipped R/T Challenger but gave us all a surprise when his wife and club member, Maggie, followed him into the parking lot driving a brand new Challenger Hellcat.

The winds finally left us as the day went on and club members were busy cleaning their cars and chatting with fellow members. As each car was cleaned it was parked in a line, one after another, causing many bystanders to stop and take pictures as the line of Challengers grew and grew.

The afternoon came quickly upon us and time came for club members to began saying their good-byes until next time, all eager to do it again soon!

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West Coast Challengers held its 7th Annual Meeting of the Members at Straw Hat Pizza in Long Beach, CA. Our annual meeting is where we come together as a club to discuss past and future events, planning, club business and of course, per the club’s Bylaws, nominate and elect the Officers that make up the Board, who run the day-to-day business of the club.

Larry, our 2016 outgoing president, discussed some of the great events the club put on for the members in 2016 and then into the upcoming event that club members can all look forward to and the members discussed the planning of several of those events. Also discussed was a suggestion by a club member to make the Board term two (2) years rather than one (1). After weighing the pro and cons of each, the members voted to extend the Board term to two (2) years but the annual meeting will remain an annual event for any issues that may arise as well as discussing future and past events.

The nominations and election of Officer came next. Based on the previous vote of the members, the Officers will be elected to serve on the next Board for the club for a term of two (2) years. Once again in an unanimous vote of voting members present, and per the club’s charter and Bylaws, we are pleased to announce and introduce the 2017-2018 Board of West Coast Challengers:

  • Elected as President was Larry (raVenX).

  • Elected as Vice President was Terrence (Rattler249).

  • Elected as Co-Sergeant-at-Arms were Kathy (sweentnhonest53) and Phil (pre73).

  • Elected as Co-Treasurers were Tom (myorangedream) and Howard (howard).

  • Elected as Secretary was Steve (HB_Challenger).

Congrats to all of those elected as Officers of the club for 2017-2018. A special thank you goes out to all of our outgoing Board members who worked tirelessly to bring you all of those great events we are famous for and which you have come to expect from the club.

Thank you all for being part of West Coast Challengers. Good things and some terrific events are already being planned for the club in 2017.

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