West Coast Challengers club members woke early Saturday morning to head into the Los Angeles area for the Valley Traffic Advisory Council / Los Angeles Police Department’s 10th Annual “Still Saving Lives” Car Show in Woodland Hills, CA.

Meeting up a few blocks away from the event, club members began rolling into the parking lot and preparing their cars for the show while others took the time to chat with fellow club members.

Once everyone had arrived, the club set off in a short caravan over to the event location at Warner Center Park. After checking in, we were escorted to our designated parking place in the park, where we arranged the cars into three rows. This year, the LAPD helicopter landed earlier than expected, which is a good thing because the rotor wash spews dust and debris across the entire park.

First thing on the agenda was the setting up of our ez-ups for shade as the temperatures were forecast to be close to 100 degrees during the day. Putting eight ez-ups end to end caused a tunnel of shade for the club members to enjoy. The club banners were unfurled at both the front and tail ends of rows of cars, and our new sail banner was hoisted in excitement.

All set up and on display, club members began to trek through the rest of the park and view some of the great cars that fellow car enthusiasts brought along to show.

As lunch time approached, the event had some 20 food trucks on site with everything from BBQ to gourmet food.

After lunch, the club members visited with one another, exchanged stories and engaged in general conversation for a few hours. The emcee for the car show was KTLA’s weather man, Mark Kriski, whose voice was instantly recognizable. Kriski is a fellow Dodge Challenger owner and came to check out some of our cars.

Like last year at the event, several Challengers owners approached us about joining the club and we happily passed along information about the club and how to join. So, look for even more new club members soon!

As the day progressed and before we knew it, the time for the awards presentation was at hand. We all made our way over to stage. Mark Kriski continued on as emcee for the ceremony. Before the awards were handed out, unlike last year which was a simple raffle for prizes, this year the event auctioned off some special interest prizes, like having you car appear on next year’s flyer for the event, a ride-along with LAPD’s Valley Division Captain, and a two and half hour ride-along with LAPD’s helicopter unit. It appeared the auction may have taken some by surprise as initial bidding on who’s car would appear on next year’s flyer seemed to wane. Mark Kriski got the crowd re-energized and bidding took off, closing at $500.00. The ride-along with the police Captain closed at about $1,400.00, and the top prize, the ride along int he LAPD helicopter, with a friend, had fierce bidding and was looking to close around $4,400.00 when the was a pause, and then it was announced that if both of the final bidders wanted to bid $4,600.00 they would give away two of the prizes, one for each of them, which both parties accepted and the bidding was closed. It was a great auction and raffle for the event and it had the crowd on pins and needles.

After the raffles and auction, it was time to give away the awards for the car show. The club had members entered in various classes relating to Mopars. This year, a newer modern Mopar muscle class was added as well. Club member Kelly won in her class of Factory Muscle (stock 1975 to present). Club member Dave won Mopar Muscle (2008 to present) and club members Steve and Maggie won Mopar Muscle (stock 2008 to present). To clean house, for the second year in a row, West Coast Challengers won the club participation award. Whenever the club wins a club participation trophy, because all of the members present helped to win the award, we place each of their names into a hat, and the name drawn gets to take the trophy home, theirs to keep. For this award, it was club member Ricardo who won the draw and took the trophy home with him. Congratulations to all of the winners.

More pictures from the car show can be found in our club photo gallery.

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