West Coast Challengers attended the 13th Annual Burbank “Kiwanis for Fun” Car Show in Burbank this weekend. 22 club members and their families in 18 cars came out to support the Kiwanis and their efforts to help the children of our communities, as well as spend time with one another which is always a joy.

The club met up at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, where some club members had breakfast and others chatted it up in the parking lot while waiting for the rest to arrive.

The club rolled into the event in four different waves. With each new wave rolling in, it seemed the long line of our Challengers would never end and it certainly had others at the event envious of both our cars and our numbers. West Coast Challengers certainly dominated the modern Mopar class by showing up with twice the number of Mopars than anyone else.

Our Challengers always prove to be a crowd favorite at any event the club attends, and this event was no different with throngs of people passing by, taking pictures and asking the club members about their cars, and some even asking how they too can join the club.

The weather for the event was warm and luckily we were parked up against a tree line which afforded us shade and a natural cool breeze passing in between the trees.

There were many cars on display in no particular order. Two cars caught our attention. One was a newly restored 1970 Plum Crazy Challenger looking like it just came off of the showroom floor, and the other was a original 1970 Hemi Orange 426 Hemi Challenger, complete with pistol grip 4-speed manual transmission that its owner just purchased and intends on restoring. Both great cars.

Sadly though, this event was marred by a local club colluding with others to sweep the awards. So obvious was the collusion that a backlash quickly followed with a strong showing of support for our club for taking the high road, which is a testament to both our club members and our club as a whole.

Pictures from the car show can be found in our club photo gallery.

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  1. HotRodTom says:

    It’s really petty what the SoCal Challengers guys did. They even tried to solicit my vote for their cars. Just for a trophy?? If there was a Sportman’s Like Conduct Trophy, the West Coast Challengers club would have my vote. Keep on Hot Roddin’ — Tom

  2. SGTNDA says:

    Hey Tom, thanks for stepping up and thanks for keeping the integrity of what a real car show is all about. You are a class act. Hope to see you again soon.

  3. z06fstt says:

    Found this by accident looking for picture from the show. Some shady character paid me a visit to. I think he said he was the show sponsor or was with the show some how. My wife told him we already voted but she was angry and felt like he was trying to buy our vote. She complained to the event people about it. We voted for the red one in the stock class and the yellow one up on the hill in the modified class. Not sure if that one was with you guys. Tough decisions. My wife liked the two white ones.

  4. John Thompson says:

    Just heard about this. Sorry that some people need to resort to cheating just to feel good about themselves. socal challengers did the same thing to us camaro guys at the Hurst/B&M car show back in 2010. They came over to count our cars and tada, an hour later more challengers show up that weren’t even registered for the show so they stole the club participation trophy from us. total bullshit.

    The following year we slaughtered them because they only had a few cars left in there club.

  5. Jake Salisbury says:

    WOW that realllly bites about the trophies. What scum bags. Good to see you guys didnt let it ruin your day. Cya at the next show. **Jake

  6. Mike says:

    frickin’ SoCal Challengers, nothing but children owners there.. you guys have whack ass cars