West Coast Challengers attended the Valley Traffic Advisory Council / Los Angeles Police Department’s 9th Annual “Still Saving Lives” Car Show in Woodland Hills, CA, this weekend.

Meeting up about a mile away from the event location at a local Starbuck’s Coffee, club members visited with one another while waiting for everyone to arrive. This gave the club members time to introduce themselves to some of our new club members, many of whom were attending their first event with the club.

We sent our unregistered members over to the event first allowing them time to register before sending our pre-registered members over. Having signaled the main group to head over, we pulled off to the side to wait for them so that we could all roll in and park together. While waiting, we saw a black Hurst Challenger arrive on scene. Club member Curt exchanged pleasantries with him and invited him to roll into the event with West Coast Challengers. John, as we discovered his name to be, was warmly greeted and introduced to the club members, and before an hour had passed, he was swapping club decals on his car. Like the many before him, John had found what he was looking for in a car club.

Club members set up two camps, one on each end of the long line of Dodge Challengers and then began cleaning their cars for the show. At about 9:00 a.m., the LAPD helicopter made a scheduled landing in the park which stirred up loads of the dry dust and dirt from the ground. Club members nearest the landing site then returned to clean their cars — once more.

As the day progressed, the club members walked around the park to view over 300 great cars that were on display. As noon approached, many found the line of some 30 lunch trucks waiting for them. Everything from gourmet food to hot dogs could be found. The tasty Meatloaf Burger from the After School Special truck was very popular among club members.

After lunch, the club members visited with one another, exchanged stories and engaged in general conversation for a few hours. We watched many of the judges for the car show pass by and quickly noticed that they took the time to “actually” judge the car show and each car on its merits. From opening doors and checking inside to peering underneath the cars. Club members found this detailed approach very refreshing.

We did run into Christopher Titus who came out to support his friend who brought out a custom Rat Rod complete with retractable top. We had seen an Adam Corolla video not too long ago where he interviewed Christopher with his new 2012 392 Dodge Challenger with custom paint, where towards the end of the video he mentioned wanting to install an Edlebrock supercharger. We introduced ourselves and mentioned that the programming and thus the tuning for the 2011+ Dodge Challengers had been encrypted and those wanting to install special programming to accommodate a supercharger were out of luck, news that Edlebrock recently shared with him as well. Rather than switch to the 2010 PCM and wiring, he is opting to wait to see what Chrysler launches next year in answer to the new Shelby GT500 Mustang and ZL1 Camaro, both of which are supercharged.

During the day, several new Challengers owners approached us about joining the club and we happily passed along information about the club and how to join. So, look for even more new club members soon!

As afternoon approached, it became time for the awards presentation and we all made our way over to the stage area. Los Angeles District Attorney candidate, Alan Jackson, was introduced as the emcee for the trophy presentation. As one great car after another was awarded its trophy, the “Factory Muscle Car 1975 to Present” class was announced. It was none other club member Nolan with his black R/T with red war stripes who ruled the day, with its custom interior lighting to its Zoomer’s exhaust system (which the judge asked to hear). Congratulations to Nolan. His car was truly worthy of the trophy, which by the way his two small children who were present now each want one for themselves! Gear heads in the making. :)

Towards the end of the awards ceremony, West Coast Challengers was given a shout out for our strong showing in support of the car show and when it came time for the club participation trophy, West Coast Challengers handily, yet humbly, won.

Last summer, West Coast Challengers adopted the policy, that whenever we win a club participation trophy, we would take the name of each club member present and toss them all into a hat. Which ever name was drawn, wins the trophy — theirs to keep and take home! For this trophy, it was club member Kirt who’s name was drawn and he won the trophy!! Way to go Kirt, and way to go to every West Coast Challengers club member in attendance who made winning the trophy possible.

The idea behind the raffling off of our club participation trophies was simple, we are not the sort of club that is so vain to set up a table to display trophies from events past nor allow one person to take home or be in charge of all of the club’s trophies. In fact, once a year, the club performs a “Trophy Roundup,” where club members are asked to donate trophies from the past to donate to the Special Olympics where the trophies are cleaned and re-plaqued and then awarded to athletes with intellectual disabilities. That’s how we roll. :)

More pictures from the event can be found in our club photo gallery.

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