In another member suggested event, West Coast Challengers took to the highway en route to Solvang, California, to the north.

Club members met up at the crack of dawn in Woodland Hills, CA. It was decided by the members to cruise through the Santa Monica Mountains for some twists and turns before hitting the coastal road. Club member Larry left the meeting spot before the group and set up his camera on a hillside overlooking the highway down below to capture the cars rounding the corner and passing by.

Once on the coast highway, the caravan headed north along the shorelines of Malibu and Santa Barbara before turning inland toward Solvang.

Before arriving in Solvang, the club members sopped at Ostrichland USA where the club had scheduled a visit to feed the Ostriches — and what a unique experience that was. The Ostriches would come right up to you once they discovered that you had food, and within a few seconds, all of the food was gone with them eagerly wanting more. The Ostriches were very voracious eaters which scared some members who decided to feed them with a little more distance in between themselves and the food. The staff also brought out a baby Ostrich for us to pet and many were amazed at how prickly its feathers were, almost like a porcupine.

After playing with the Ostriches and Emus for a while, the club said our good byes, thanked the staff and headed off for Solvang a short distance away.

Upon arriving in Solvang around lunchtime, the members stopped into the Fresco Valley Cafe where the club had made reservations in advance and the cafe graciously cordoned off a place for all of us to sit together before our arrival.

After lunch, the members were gathered and told of the many things to see and do while in Solvang. We set a time for the members to meet back at the cars, and the group went their separate ways for a bit. Some took the horse trolly around town, some visited the Hans Christan Anderson Museum, some went shopping, and still others just strolled around town to take in the sights.

One of the scheduled sights to see was a visit to Quicksilver Ranch, a miniature horse ranch just outside of town that is known for it’s prized horses. Those that wanted to come along met back up at the cars and we caravanned out to the ranch. The horses are truly are miniature and by the looks of the toys and balls in their pasture, were playful as well. The staff there was gracious enough to bring out one of their horses to pose with our cars for a photo opportunity. After watching the horses for a bit, the group headed back to town.

Arriving back in Solvang, the club members all re-grouped for the caravan trip home leaving behind the pleasant and quaint City of Solvang.

More photos from the cruise can be found in our club photo gallery.

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