West Coast Challengers made an appearance at the 8th Annual VTAC/LAPD “Still Saving Lives” Car Show in Woodland Hills, CA. Club members met up at a local Starbuck’s prior to the event where everyone grabbed some coffee and engaged in conversation for a bit while waiting for others to arrive.

As we chatting it up in parking lot, an LAPD Police Pursuit (PPV) Charger caught our attention as it drove by and quickly accelerated away from us. About 20 minutes later, just as we were preparing to roll out from the meeting spot, the very same LAPD Charger turned into our parking lot and came right towards us. He hit his roof-mounted side spotlight and came to a stop in front of Bill’s 392 Challenger. As we watched the officer exit his vehicle and approach Bill, we all strained to hear what the two fo them were talking about. Was Bill in trouble? Long story short, the officer just wanted to tell Bill that one of his friend’s just purchased the same kind of Challenger. Within minutes, we are all chatting it up with the officer and he allowed us a quick photo op with his police Charger and our Challengers. The officer was very friendly and I think he enjoyed hanging out with us as much as we enjoyed the photo op.

By 8:00 am, we were off to the car show. After heading to our assigned parking spot, we quickly set-up our EZ-up and unfurled the club banner. Even though we were in a park with an abundance of shade trees, the weather was on our side for the event. In fact, it was a little on the cool side.

Not long after we had everything set up, the LAPD activities began. The LAPD helicopter was providing rides all day long. We saw the LAPD motor units put on a show with incredible skill. There were also exhibitions from SWAT and the LAPD K-9 teams. There had to have been at least 50 gourmet food trucks present, all competing for our business. They were literally parked head to tail, row after row, for as far as the eye could see. The event also had live bands playing throughout the day.

Before we knew it, the day had passed and it’s was time for the trophy presentation. There were many classes and categories or cars that were judged, so we knew it was going to take while to hand out all of the trophies. We are pleased to say that Bill (CrankCase), with his Deep Water Blue Inaugural Edition 392 Challenger, took home the trophy in our class.

The trophy proves just how popular Bill’s 392 was that day. The crowds around his Challenger were relentless. He had more fingerprints on his car by the end of the day than Valley Homicide has in all of their files!

We all congratulated Bill and celebrated by taking even more pictures of him and his Challenger. Every time that we thought we had a chance to get in our cars to go home, another crowd of people would gather around his car.

In the end, it was a very fun day and everyone had a great time.

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