Club members woke early and met up in Van Nuys for the exclusive West Coast Challengers “Mopars & Magnums” range day and cruise event.

Rolling out from a local Starbuck’s, club members were taken towards the mountains of the picturesque Angeles National Forest where they encountered the twisting and winding roads of the canyons there.

But the cruise through the Angeles National Forest was just the precursor for the excitement that laid just up ahead — Angeles Shooting Range in Lake View Terrance, CA, where the group was headed.

Previous arrangements had been made for the exclusive use of the range for club members, and once the caravan of Dodge Challengers rolled into the range, work was quickly made to set up our canopy as well as our targets for the day — Zombies!!

After some short instructions on proper gun safety and range rules, the club broke into two groups. One group prepared and loaded their guns while another group, those who had never fired a gun before, sat down with club member Nolan for some expert lessons and some quick descriptions about many of the guns that he brought out for the club members to use, including their proper operation and use.

Still a little intimidated by the gun they each chose to shoot first, those who had never fired a gun before took to shooting very quickly. In fact, they were shooting more than our experienced shooters.

Nolan had brought a small arsenal with him ranging from .22 caliber semi-automatic pistols to urban assault rifles, and what seemed to be everything in between. It was much like a candy store for the shooters with many tasting the various flavors and calibers all throughout the day.

I couldn’t begin to estimate how many rounds of ammunition we spent at the range this day, but if the sea of empty shell casings that littered the ground were any indication, it was certainly more than a lot and just shy of the munitions of a small country.

After taking down our targets and policing up the range area, the club members headed off for El Chaparral Mexican restaurant in Sylmar, CA, for a late lunch.

The stories floating back and forth across the table all seemed to be the same, tales of marksmanship with a few, “Did you see it when I blasted that Zombie in the face?!” thrown in for good measure.

Everyone who attended this event had a great time, from new shooter to elite marksman, making this another very successful club event. This exclusive range day and cruise adds to the long list of fun and unique events that the club has created for our club members and what we are well known for.

More pictures from the range day and cruise can be found in our Club Photo Gallery.

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