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With Spring bringing in the beautiful weather of Southern California, it also marks the beginning of the car show season in the region. It also marks preparations for one of the largest modern Mopar events on the west coast, Spring Fest. For the past several years, no car club has brought more cars and more […]

West Coast Challengers and Desert Challengers, our sister club out of Phoenix, AZ, both attended the Fall Fling XXVIII, an exclusive Mopar car show and swap meet hosted by Chrysler Performance West. Our two car clubs met up just before dawn and chatted with each other for a bit while waiting for everyone to arrive […]

Spring marks the return of warmer weather, birds singing and flowers blooming. For West Coast Challengers, it signals the return of the Spring Festival in Irvine, CA. This year marked the 8th year of the annual festival with 389 Challengers registered to attend. Out of those cars, West Coast Challengers accounted for 100 of them. In other words, 1 in 4 Dodge Challengers present at the event and 1 in 10 of all modern Mopars was from West Coast Challengers. Read more …