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This Memorial Day weekend West Coast Challengers decided to take the long weekend and trek up the coast via Highway 1 from Malibu to Monterey in a leisurely fashion and stopping along the way anywhere that seemed interesting or pictureque. We decided to leave early Saturday morning so that those that couldn’t go with us […]

In another member suggested event, West Coast Challengers took to the highway en route to Solvang, California, to the north. Club members met up at the crack of dawn in Woodland Hills, CA. It was decided by the members to cruise through the Santa Monica Mountains for some twists and turns before hitting the coastal […]

On its “Butterflies by the Beach” cruise, West Coast Challengers would trek northward, up the Central Coast, en route to Pismo Beach to witness this year’s Monarch butterfly migration … Club members woke early Sunday morning and gathered at one of three meeting locations. All would make the trip to Pismo Beach where we would encounter the Monarch butterflies. Read more …