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After a long and successful running of our very popular “Come Mod Your Car Day” events, West Coast Challengers decided to add a new dimension to the event — a “Come Clean Your Car Day” where club members were invited to come out and wash and wax their Dodge Challengers, perform light modifications, help others, […]

West Coast Challengers held its 2nd Annual Club Dyno Day for the club members in San Bernardino, CA, this weekend. Over two dozen club members once again returned to ST Motorsports to see how their performance modifications have increased their horsepower and torque ratings. One at a time, the club members had their Dodge Challenger […]

West Coast Challengers club members met up at Civic Center Park in Irvine, CA, for the seventh installment of what has become a club favorite event, “Come Mod Your Car Day.” This exclusive club event is where club members are invited to bring their minor modifications to install on their Dodge Challenger in a park like atmosphere with other club members who have performed the same modifications to assist in the install. Read more …