West Coast Challengers set up a club dyno day for its members at ST Motorsports in San Bernardino, CA, this weekend. Due to the weather in Southern California experiencing high temperatures of late, it was decided to hold our club dyno day more towards the evening with cooler temperatures.

Over two dozen club members from all around the southland descended on ST Motorsports beginning at 3:00 p.m. One after another, club members had their Challengers put on the dyno. It was interesting to see the differences in horsepower and torque based on the various modifications the club members have done to their cars.

As evening approached, with about half of the club members’ car done, pizza was ordered for the club members, the lights were turned on and the dyno’ing continued.

Club member Dave, with his 5.7L R/T surprised a few by pulling 354 hp, running right up there with the 6.1L Challengers. Club member Cory with his 392 Challenger pulled 427 hp to the wheels with Keith right behind him pulling 416 hp also with a 392 Challenger. Club member Richard with his 6.1L Maguson supercharged Challenger pulled 447 hp as did Derick with his Pro Charger equipped R/T which pulled 444 hp but was also found to have some tuning issues to be worked out later, so his numbers will certainly be higher in the future. And special kudos go out to club member Leo for not being intimated by the big dogs in the club and putting his SE Challenger on the dyno, a first for Adam. He pulled 186 hp.

Club member Julie’s yellow SMS Challenger was found to be running too lean, so the dyno was halted on her car before it hit 5,000 RPM. She still managed to pull 433 hp before the dyno was shutdown. After discussing the issue with Adam, it was decided to take her car of of the dyno, finish with the rest of the club members, and then put her car back on the dyno for a re-tune.

It was a great experience to listen to all of various cat-back systems that the club members have, especially at the high end of their RPM range. Many manufacturers were represented, from Corsa to MBRP to GT Haus to Zoomers and more.

As 9:00 pm approached, all of the club members cars had been dyno’d, and everyone said their good-byes. Julie and Doug stayed behind to have Julie’s car re-tuned and our club president stayed behind with them to ensure that all went well and to offer them a ride home if it came to that. Approaching midnight, Adam finished with Julie’s car as far as he could go. It was decided that a Boost-A-Pump would be installed later in the week and Adam would then dial in the tune from there. Julie’s last pull on the dyno was 474 hp. After all is said and done, Julie and Adam expect to car to approach the 500 hp range. Her car sounds so much better and smoother now and she is happy to have shown up at the event and discover why her car has been running so strangely.

Everyone had fun at the club’s dyno day and we all enjoyed the many conversations with each other that were had during the event. Many were surprised at just how much fun they had which is always nice to hear.

More pictures from the club’s dyno day can be found in our club photo gallery.

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